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Non-Compete and Trade Secrets


In our 21st Century economy, proprietary information is a valuable business asset. We have the tools to help you protect this information in the digital age. From the drafting of key agreements to representation in high-stakes litigation, we offer significant depth of experience in trade secrets protection, non-disclosure agreements, covenants not to compete, and other legal methods of protecting confidential information and business relationships.

On the front end, we can help you draft, review and revise core agreements, adopt key human resources policies and manage risk. This requires a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory environments, which have proven to evolve and change unpredictably over time, as well as the scope and reach of such agreements. Whether in employment agreements, independent contractor relationships, or as part of the sale or purchase of a company, protective agreements are essential to technology companies, health care entities, pharmaceutical firms, manufacturing businesses and companies that rely on a sales force. When disputes arise, we are prepared to evaluate the facts and the law and quickly seek the relief required, whether through emergency judicial intervention, negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

We strive to understand your business, which guides our advice for each unique situation. As a full-service business law firm, we also offer legal expertise in such areas as Tax; Financial Institutions; Securities; Life Sciences; Product Liability Defense; Data Use, Privacy & Security; Employment Litigation; Commercial Contracts; and Mergers and Acquisitions. We’re here to assist you in protecting your business, your customer relationships and your competitive advantage. 


Representative Experience

  • Defended employer in the material handling industry that was sued in Florida state court by Fortune 100 company that claimed the employer misappropriated its trade secrets, tortiously interfered with its employee relationships, and otherwise unfairly competed with it when the employer hired nineteen of its at-will employees over the course of several months
  • Defended employer in the entertainment industry and a newly hired employee who were sued in Michigan state court by a competitor who previously employed that employee and who claimed that the employee breached and the employer tortiously interfered with a non-solicitation agreement after the employee joined the employer
  • Represented multiple insurance companies in lawsuits brought in state and federal courts in North Carolina that involved allegations of non-compete and non-solicitation agreement breach by insurance agents who left one company to join a competitor
  • Represented medical device distributor in lawsuit filed in federal court in North Carolina that sought to restrain the sales activities of former sales employees who left to join a competitor, but were bound by non-solicitation agreements
  • Defended four insurance executives in action in North Carolina Business Court against the executives and their subsequent employer alleging breach of noncompetition agreement and misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Represented many health care providers and employers in the health care industry in lawsuits throughout North Carolina involving allegations of non-compete and non-solicitation agreement breach
  • Defended manufacturing business in declaratory judgment action filed in South Carolina state court by former employee seeking to avoid burdens of non-compete agreement
  • Advised a wide range of businesses involved in corporate transactions in connection with the restrictive covenants set forth in employment agreements that bind the employees of the target company
  • Advised a wide range of businesses in connection with the legal risks faced when hiring employees who are bound by non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • Advised a wide range of businesses in connection with the best strategies to employ to restrict the activities of former employees who have left to join a competitor and who may be violating non-compete, non-solicitation, or confidentiality agreements or who may otherwise be misappropriating company trade secrets
  • Drafted numerous confidentiality, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements



  • Non-compete agreements and litigation
  • Non-solicitation agreements and litigation
  • Confidentiality agreements and litigation
  • Trade secret and IP protection and litigation
  • Unfair competition litigation  
  • Emergency relief (TRO and injunction)
  • Managing departing employee risks
  • Managing new hire risks
  • Transactional support

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