Smith Anderson Lawyers Participate in "Run It By The Pros"


Raleigh, NC (February 26, 2010) – Smith Anderson lawyers participated in a consultation workshop titled “Run it by the Pros” for the Duke Entrepreneurship Education Series (DEES) and the Duke Start-Up Challenge on January 28, 2010. Lawyers participating included Merrill Mason, Andrew Fisher, Alicia Gilleskie and Travis Sheets.

The workshop gave students who are working on business start up ideas the opportunity to run their ideas and questions by professionals. The students received guidance from lawyers, accountants, CFOs and CEOs to develop and refine start up ideas for the 10th Annual Duke Start-Up Challenge, a business plan competition.

DEES is a comprehensive program designed to introduce all Duke students – from graduate, professional and undergraduate schools – to the key concepts necessary for a future in entrepreneurship or venture capital.

The series intends to connect students from all parts of the Duke community, including liberal arts, business, law, engineering, public policy, medical and science fields, with the goal of increasing the likelihood that exciting startup ideas will find the key collaborators needed to translate innovations into full-fledged companies.


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