Triangle’s Advocacy Voice for Private Property Rights Appoints Toby Coleman as Board Chair


Smith Anderson attorney Toby Coleman is taking on an instrumental leadership role within the real estate and development industry as Chairman of the Triangle Community Coalition (TCC) Board of Directors for 2021. As Chair, Toby is responsible for carrying out TCC’s mission to influence land use public policy that encourages a balance among economic growth, development, the environment and community needs while advocating for private property rights. 

TCC is a non-profit, non-partisan organization serving the Triangle region of North Carolina and consists of 39 board members advocating for private property rights and influencing public policy. TCC focuses on land use policy by advocating for zoning reform that allows housing affordability and housing choices, improving the development services process and informing elected and public officials, candidates and the public on pending issues. TCC is the only organization in the Triangle actively advocating for balanced solutions to growth issues.  

Toby has been a member of the Board since 2017 and previously served as TCC’s Secretary and Vice Chair. His practice involves advising on the areas of land use, zoning, municipal law, commercial real estate and construction. He helps developers, landowners and others navigate the complex and varied processes for obtaining government approvals and permits for land development. Toby has deep experience in representing clients in all phases of the development permitting process and has handled contested rezonings and quasi-judicial proceedings before boards, commissions and other authorities.


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