Smith Anderson Client and Creator of Sunscreenr Appears on Shark Tank


Sunscreenr co-creator and client Dave Cohen appeared on ABC Television Network’s Shark Tank and received an investment offer from Shark Kevin O’Leary, also known as “Mr. Wonderful.”  

According to ABC, “Shark Tank features The Sharks – tough, self-made multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons – as they invest in America’s best businesses and products.”

Sunscreenr is a compact, portable viewing device intended to help people apply sunscreen more thoroughly and accurately. After applying sunscreen to the face or body, a companion looking through the Sunscreenr viewfinder should be able to see where the sunscreen was adequately applied and, most importantly, spots that were missed. The device also has a video recording feature so that individuals without a companion to look through the viewfinder can record themselves and then apply additional sunscreen as needed.

According to its website, the Sunscreenr technology is made possible by the combination of several key components: a special filter that removes all light except the part of the spectrum that sunscreen absorbs, a custom lens made from special materials and a sensor that can actually respond to UV light. That hardware also includes proprietary image processing algorithms to deliver an image that shows where sunscreen is on the skin.

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