Triangle Business Journal Discusses Product Liability with Partner Kirk Warner Following “Hot” Christmas Toy Incidents

Triangle Business Journal

Hoverboards are a “hot” new popular toy this Christmas, but concerns have been raised about their safety since several have reportedly burst into flames after their batteries overheated. “Saturday Night Live” even poked fun at the issue in a recent commercial parody

A hoverboard recently caught fire in Cary, North Carolina, prompting technology reporter Lauren Ohnesorge of the Triangle Business Journal to interview Partner Kirk Warner about product liability.

Ohnesorge writes: “[Warner] says that while a gift giver wouldn’t likely be liable for a fire caused by a hoverboard, other parties could be – such as the manufacturer.

‘One of their duties is to monitor their products in the field,’ he explains, adding that manufacturers have to assess consumer reports and respond accordingly.”

Read the full article for more of Warner’s comments. 


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