Smith Anderson's 23rd Annual Employment Law Update

PLEASE NOTE: This event has passed. 

The intersection of business, employment and the law is ever-changing and can be difficult to navigate. Smith Anderson's 23rd annual Employment Law Update (ELU) provided an in-depth look at workplace trends and legal developments with the goal of guiding employers through the challenges of the modern-day work environment. 

The ELU addressed subjects including:

  • Paperless HR: Best Practices, Costly Mistakes
  • EEO Update: EEOC Enforcement Trends and Plans
  • Today's Top Five Employer Mistakes
  • Employee Medical Issues in the Workplace: Update on the ADA, FMLA and More
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Workplace but Were Afraid to Ask
  • Wage and House Update: New Rules, New Interpretations and More

In addition, attendees were able to choose from the following break-out sessions:

  • Background Checks: Managing the Risks
  • OSHA 2015: A Busy Year and More to Come - Will You Face Enforcement Action and Are You Ready?
  • Social Media Scramble
  • Benefits Implications of Contingent Workforces

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