Smith Anderson's 26th Annual Employment Law Update


The intersection of business, employment and the law is ever-changing and can be difficult to navigate. Smith Anderson's 26th Annual Employment Law Update (ELU) provided an in-depth look at workplace trends and legal developments with the goal of guiding employers through the challenges of the modern-day work environment.

The ELU featured the following presentations: 

  • The Post-#MeToo Era: Emerging Trends, Best Practices
  • Evolving Leave Trends: Employer Challenges with Unlimited or Discretionary Leave, Paid Parental Leave and Mandatory Paid Sick Leave
  • Mandatory Arbitration - it’s a No-Brainer - or is it?
  • Emerging Drug Trends, Laws, and Your Drug Policies and Testing Programs
  • The Opioid Epidemic
  • The Future of Work 2019: Two Challenges HR Cannot Ignore
  • Shifting Sands in Labor Law: A Review of Recent Developments Under the New NLRB
  • EEO Update

In addition, attendees were able to choose one of the following break-out sessions:

  • Benefits in Mergers & Acquisitions for the HR Generalist: The Real Deal
  • A Case Study: Navigating Performance Issues in Light of the Minefield of Overlapping Laws on Mandatory Leave, Disability and Discrimination

Click HERE to download this year's ELU book. 

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