The Texas Physician's Accountable Care Guide

By Julian D. "Bo" Bobbitt Jr.
Published by the Texas Medical Association, Volume I

Physicians have for decades earned a living based on caring for the sick. But in the new world of health care, physicians more often will be paid based on whether they can keep their patients healthy — and must navigate a system that will increasingly include more “accountable care” payment contracts. The Texas Physician's Accountable Care Guide arms physicians with knowledge and confidence as they consider joining or forming an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Regardless of specialty or state of location, this publication is generally applicable to all physicians and can support physicians operating in this new environment, while keeping in mind the importance of maintaining physician leadership of current and future accountable care structures. This guide is representative work of its lead author, Bo Bobbitt, who has a national practice assisting health care providers and entities prepare for the health care delivery system’s movement to value. 

Physicians around the country may obtain CME credit through this guide, please visit the Texas Medical Association's website for details. This credit is available for the period of April 28, 2016, through April 28, 2019.

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