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Complying with the complex array of state and federal laws and regulations is an important part of any business. Even the best-managed companies face serious financial and reputational risks if things go wrong. We can help your business proactively avoid violations with the establishment of corporate codes of conduct, internal policies and procedures and formal compliance programs. If violations occur, the manner in which your company responds is critical to its financial health and directly influences its reputation with customers and suppliers. When the unfortunate happens, we will help you react swiftly and responsibly to minimize the consequences and implement new policies and processes to strengthen compliance going forward.

Our comprehensive experience, deep knowledge of the law and strong commitment to your company’s success guide our counsel as we work side-by-side with you. Our related practice groups – including Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate and Securities Litigation, Health Care, Employment, Labor and Human Resources, Environmental and OSHA, Intellectual Property, International Law and Tax – help you develop best practices, compliance programs and response plans.

We’re here to help you prevent and cure potential violations, which lets you get back to focusing on the business of your business.


Representative Experience

  • Designing, developing and supporting implementation of corporate compliance programs for public and private company clients. This includes specific consideration of applicable standards, including those in the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations
  • Managing formal investigations conducted by federal and state government agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Justice, the Office of the Inspector General, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, state Attorney General offices and state Medicaid Fraud Control Units
  • Processing reports of independent counsel and forensic auditors
  • Assisting clients in multiple industries to develop corporate policies to encourage and support legal compliance, including codes of ethics and whistleblower, document retention and other policies
  • Assisting clients to develop and implement training programs in key compliance areas, including fraud detection, the FCPA and HIPAA
  • Advising client general counsels, compliance officers and boards of directors on compliance matters, including in response to compliance incidents



  • Internal investigations
  • Special inquiries of fraud, bribery and other misconduct 
  • Governmental agency investigations
  • Recovery of assets taken through illegal schemes
  • HIPAA and FCPA compliance
  • Director and officer liability insurance
  • Internal financial control assistance
  • Examination of accounting irregularities
  • Analysis of conflicts of interest
  • Whistleblower allegations
  • Disclosure obligations
  • Risk-assessment evaluations
  • Development of crisis management and crisis communications programs
  • Compliance audits and in-house training
  • Document retention and destruction programs and audits
  • Review board practices and procedures
  • Advise on the creation of board committees – specifically considering composition and mandates
  • Assist in developing and implementing review and evaluation procedures for boards, directors and senior management
  • Advise on corporate disclosure requirements and on creating and improving systems for continuous corporate disclosure and reporting
  • Counsel on legislative, regulatory or policy initiatives affecting governance and liability, including regulatory changes
  • Advise on directors’ and officers’ liability matters and offer strategies for risk minimization
  • Advice on change of control provisions, shareholder rights plans and other matters

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