A HOOT IN HELL’S ISLAND: The Heroic Story of World War II Dive Bomber Robert D. “Hoot” Gibson

By Col. Kirk Gibson Warner (USA, RET.) and Robert D. Gibson
Published by Koehler Books

In the dark days of 1942, the battle for the Solomon Islands was very much in doubt. When carrier dive bomber Robert D. “Hoot” Gibson sighted the Japanese fleet heading for “Hell’s Island,” he attacked the vanguard ships, sinking the heavy cruiser Kinugasa and two loaded Japanese troop transports in a battle royal that earned him the Navy Cross. He was also credited with the sinking of an I-Class submarine and shooting down two Zeroes, after going toe-to-toe with Japan’s premier ace pilot, and he alone accounted for the deaths of thousands of Japanese soldiers and sailors.

Hoot was a hero when America needed heroes and when America needed to turn the tide of the war from defense to offense. He was on the Yorktown at Midway and the Enterprise at Guadalcanal. Hoot was in three of the five carrier battles of the war, the first and last amphibious invasions of WWII, and thirteen major battles. A Hoot in Hell’s Island tells Hoot’s dramatic story and that of the American navy in the crucial battles of the Pacific War.

A Hoot in Hell’s Island was released April 5, 2022 and can be purchased through Koehler Books here and on Amazon here. For more details, www.kirkgwarner.com.

Koehler Books works with authors throughout the United States and around the globe. The company has published nearly 800 print and eBook titles in multiple fiction and non-fiction genres with imprints in business, military, legacy and children books. Koehler’s more than 400 authors have won scores of literary awards, and their books have ranked as category best sellers on Amazon. In 2017 Koehler Books won the IngramSpark Ignite Award for Best in Publishing.


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