What Federal Contractors Need to Know for 2024 AAP Compliance


A live webinar presented by Chris Northup, Ellen Shong & Associates and Kimberly J. Korando, Smith Anderson 

The OFCCP has continued to be busy in 2023 with significant activity in a number of areas impacting contractors and their compliance obligations. The OFCCP continued with the second year of the AAP certification obligation in the Spring. Later in the year the agency received approval and published the long awaited revised (and more burdensome) audit scheduling letter for Supply and Service contractors. The OFCCP also finalized the Pre-Determination Notice regulations which provide more discretion to the agency during audits and will make it more challenging for contractors in some audits to determine the basis of the agency’s actions. In 2023, they published three scheduling lists with a total of 1,750 establishments and contractors. Even though the agency struggles with funding challenges and decreasing staffing levels they continue to make audits longer and more challenging for contractors.
In addition to the OFCCP activity, employers and contractors are evaluating the impact of the UNC/Harvard Supreme Court decision, striking down admissions preferences, on AAPs and diversity efforts.

This webinar provided a review of significant activity in 2023, the latest new policies issued, impact of the Supreme Court decision, changes to the audit scheduling letter, and what contractors might expect in 2024.

Click HERE to download the presentation or view a recording of the live webinar below. 

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