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Alicia Gilleskie Participates in Antitrust and Trade Regulation Annual Meeting

April 6, 2009

Alicia Gilleskie, Smith Anderson associate, presented a program entitled, “Practical Aspects of Privacy and Confidentiality in Transactions” at the annual meeting of the Antitrust and Trade Regulation Section of the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation on April 3, 2009.

The meeting’s focus was “Data Security and Privacy in the Age of Smartphones and Social Networking.” The meeting examined today’s technology and the record pace of the flow of information and communication. With this increased flow, the law of information security, privacy and confidentiality develops to keep pace with that flood.

The objectives of the meeting were to learn what businesses should do to keep data secure and what they should do when security of breached. Participants also heard from federal and state prosecutors about identity theft and computer crimes and explored how technology has impacted workplace privacy. There was also discussion about online privacy, electronic commerce and consumer protection issues in the virtual marketplace.

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